Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Australia and Indonesia since the Bali bombings
By Waleed Aly
Major-General John Cantwell (CENTRE) in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan, in 2010. © Brent Tero/ISAF Media
It's time to cut and run
By John Cantwell
Claude Debussy, c.1900. Photo: Pierre Louys. © Adoc/Corbis
Claude Debussy
By Andrew Ford
Obama's election day cheer squad, Harlem, New York, 4 November 2008. © Ingvar Kenne
The improbable president
By Peter Conrad
Cape Town Opera's UK production of 'Porgy and Bess', 2012. © John Snelling
Cape Town Opera
By Peter Conrad
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
A People-smuggling Trial
By Sian Powell
George Pell, Anzac service, 24 April 2009. © AAP/Jenny Evans
The Anzac cult
By Don Watson
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Queen Elizabeth’s Melbourne Visit
By Robyn Annear
An Australian light armoured vehicle, Tangi Valley, Afghanistan, March 2011. © SPC Eward Garibay/ISAF
By John Birmingham
'HHhH' by Laurent Binet, Harvill Secker; $32.95
By Catherine Ford
The identification disc in question. Image courtesy of Robin Barker.
A father’s World War II keepsake sparks a harrowing journey
By Robin Barker