In the 1960s, Sydneysider Chris Meagher was a torero known as “El Australiano”
By Matthew Clayfield
‘Religion Succoured by Spain’ (circa 1572–75), Titian
‘Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal Court’ at the National Gallery of Victoria
By Luke Stegemann
George Johnston and Charmian Clift in 1948. © Fairfax Syndication
George Johnston’s classic of Australian war literature
By Nadia Wheatley
A plan to stop dengue fever sets off invasion fears in Indonesia
By Ashley Hay
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
Karl Ove Knausgaard. © Anders Hansson
The third volume of the epic autobiographical novel ‘My Struggle’
By Anna Goldsworthy
A woman greets her fiance aboard the HMAS Sydney, 1969. Photo by Cliff Bottomley. Image courtesy of the National Archives of Australia.
The time of the modern mariner
By Claire Corbett
Australian scheming for the Greater Sunrise oilfield has a long history
By Kim McGrath
The last film of a flight-obsessed genius
By Luke Davies
© Didier Plowy
The French artist in Sydney
By Mireille Juchau
Will Australia learn from the US's healthcare mistakes?
By Lally Katz
Co-operation or coup?
By Daniel Otis
Gavrilo Princip arrested in Sarajevo after assassinating Austria-Hungary’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 28 June 1914. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Margaret MacMillan’s ‘The War That Ended Peace’, Paul Ham’s ‘1914’ and David Reynolds’ ‘The Long Shadow’
By Robyn Annear
The islands Japan calls Senkaku and China calls Diaoyu. © Kyodo / Reuters 
Why is Australia taking sides in the East China Sea?
By Linda Jaivin
How should we remember World War One?
By Don Watson
Jonathan Cape; $32.95
By Linda Jaivin
Children performing for tourists in Sinuiju, North Korea. © Linda Jaivin
Big statues, high swings and a ‘Sound of Music’ sing-along
By Linda Jaivin