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The children left behind by Australian sex tourists in the Philippines
Life outside the detention centres on Manus Island
Virago Press; $29.99
How World War One came to Broken Hill
Gary Quinlan and Julie Bishop have done Australia proud at the UN Security Council
As captain of Team Australia, Tony Abbott has plunged us into war without debate
Reflecting on the failures of Australian politics and media
The week that was nonsense
On Tuesday night, 18-year-old Abdul Numan Haider stabbed two counter-terrorism police officers outside the Endeavour Hills police station in Melbourne’s south-east and was shot dead. Yesterday’s editions of The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and...
What drives Edward Snowden, the world’s most wanted whistleblower?
An exegesis on unintended consequences
This month Tony Abbott squibbed the greatest moral challenge of his age and shelved plans to amend the Racial Discrimination Act. That was tough on George Brandis, who had drafted a gem of law prohibiting racial vilification only where the victim...
Margaret Inamuka
Being a magistrate in the Eastern Highlands is not for the faint of heart
The political nation learned this morning, to its considerable surprise, that Chris Mitchell, the editor-in-chief of The Australian, was always a secret opponent of the invasion of Iraq – an invasion that has been responsible for 500...
Art and artifice in John Michael McDonagh’s ‘Calvary’
Elizabeth Pisani’s ‘Indonesia Etc.’ and Hamish McDonald’s ‘Demokrasi’
In the 1960s, Sydneysider Chris Meagher was a torero known as “El Australiano”