On the road to Gundagai

An unexpected stop prompts the question: Just what is the deal with the Dog on the Tuckerbox?

The stopover

The prospect of 12 hours in Singapore airport gives rise to an existential crisis

Lessons from camels

A ten-day camel trek through the South Australian outback. With your parents.

The perfect cup of coffee

On an island in Nicaragua, a rocky incline stands between Steve Hely and the Holy Grail of caffeine

‘White Sands’ by Geoff Dyer

Text Publishing; $32.99

Too upsetting

The boat cruise commentary had everything – except indigenous Tasmania

Magic and a one-woman show

Taking ‘Stories I Want to Tell You in Person’ to India

Blind obsession

The economics of Everest in Jennifer Peedom’s ‘Sherpa’

Gardening at Alcatraz

The notorious island has been a site of incarceration, occupation and, now, “extreme gardening”

Gone Walkabout

The last Aussie-themed pub in London