Tony Abbott

The major parties need ideas for today, not nostalgia for yesterday
By Nick Dyrenfurth
Abbott's warning to colleagues is not backed by history
By Mungo MacCallum
Tony Abbott determined not to repeat Gough Whitlam’s mistakes in Queensland
By Mungo MacCallum
Tony Abbott's political suicide
By Mungo MacCallum
Tony Abbott at the G20 leaders' retreat
By Russell Marks
By Michaela McGuire
By Michaela McGuire
In October 2013, ABC TV and Screen Australia announced a call out for ‘Fresh Blood’, an initiative that offered twenty aspiring comedy creators grants of $10,000 to nurture talent from a new generation of Australian comics. Last week...
Detail from St George and the Dragon (circa 1435), Rogier van der Weyden
Tony Abbott's aggressive monarchism
By Mark McKenna
The Liberals' winner-takes-all political payback
By Judith Brett
A bromance for the ages
By Greg Sheridan
The prime minister is sorry about everything
By Don Watson
By Mungo MacCallum
By John van Tiggelen
They say democracy is a serious matter. I wouldn’t know; I’ve never voted.* As a non-citizen for many years, I couldn’t here, and Dutch democracy – with its multi-party governments, supported and criticised by a vigorously...
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This is serious
By Waleed Aly