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Illustration by Jeff Fisher


The curtain falls

Vale Michael Blakemore, whose rivalry with the National Theatre’s Peter Hall led them both to become giants of the stage

Three actors are seen on stage during a performance of The Dismissal, portraying Malcolm Fraser, Norman Gunston and Gough Whitlam.


‘The Dismissal’: An all-singing, all-dancing reimagining of the constitutional crisis

The Gough Whitlam musical – with Norman Gunston as guide – is a polished and hilarious spectacle, but at times it tries to cover too much ground

Two dancers, both wearing denim, are seen in bluish light against a dark background. The outline of the person standing behind can barely be seen because of the performer in front of him. She is holding up a small object, perhaps a stone, in one of her hands and looking at it.


‘Tracker’ at Rising

This riveting dance-theatre hybrid work, based on the life of the first Aboriginal police sergeant in NSW, is a profound consideration of deep listening

The Back to Back Theatre ensemble: Mark Deans, Scott Price, Sarah Mainwaring, Breanna Deleo and Simon Laherty.


Strength to strength

Back to Back Theatre’s ensemble, work and philosophy have drawn international acclaim, and now theatre’s most prestigious prize

Image of Lynette Wallworth, courtesy Lynette Wallworth

Spirit moves: ‘How to Live (After You Die)’

Lynette Wallworth’s one-woman show, exploring her past in a Pentecostal cult, continues her lifelong search for meaning

Image of Kip Johnson and Solène Weinachter in Juliet and Romeo at Adelaide Festival, March 2022. Photo by Tim Standing

‘Juliet and Romeo’ at Adelaide Festival

In Ben Duke’s hilarious reimagining of the Shakespearean classic, the lovers survived only to face the drudgery of middle age

Image of Oliver Twist. Image supplied.

Oliver Twist’s ‘Jali’

With quiet charisma and gentle humour, the Rwandan-Australian performer weaves together vivid autobiographical stories in this one-person show

Image of Lisa McCune, Zahra Newman and Peter Carroll appearing on stage in Girl from the North Country. Image © Daniel Boud.

‘Girl from the North Country’

Weaving Bob Dylan songs into a story of Depression-era hardship, Conor McPherson’s musical speaks to the broken America of today

Image of theatre stage with empty chairs

Drama in hell

The descent of creative arts at Australia’s universities

Image of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Adelaide Festival. Photo © Tony Lewis / Adelaide Festival

Ill met by moonlight

Neil Armfield’s direction of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the Adelaide Festival didn’t quite rise to the occasion