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‘Joan’, created by Kate Davis and Emma Valente, is sensory, shapeshifting theatre at its very best
By Alison Croggon
Image of Force Majeure’s Never Did Me Any Harm
The arts funding cuts are just a symptom of a broader malaise in Australia
By Alison Croggon
Taking ‘Stories I Want to Tell You in Person’ to India
By Lally Katz
Nick Schlieper illuminates a Shakespearean tragedy
By Darryn King
A recent play resurrects a 150-year-old case of imposture
By Robyn Annear
It’s a new era for Sydney Theatre Company’s artistic director
By Luke Slattery
Critics give their picks for the year’s top ten
By The Monthly
‘The Secret River’, Sydney Theatre Company
Sydney Theatre Company
By Henry Reynolds
© Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
By Michaela McGuire
© Johann Persen
Good medicine
By Peter Conrad
Lucas Stibbard in 'Boy Girl Wall'. © Al Caeiro
Have play, will travel
By Benjamin Law
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Theatre in the Kimberley
By Gail Jones
Tom Wright & Benedict Andrews - ‘The War of the Roses’, 2009
By Alison Croggon
Scene from 'The Theft of Sita'. Image courtesy of Melbourne Festival.
An Australian–Indonesian production - ‘The Theft of Sita’, 2000
By Robyn Archer
Justin Hamilton - ‘Circular’, 2011
By Tim Ferguson
Neil Armfield - ‘Peter Grimes’, 2009
By Peter McCallum