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Tony McNamara in New York City, January 2024


Pure things: Tony McNamara

How the Australian screenwriter of ‘Poor Things’, who cut his teeth on shows such as ‘The Secret Life of Us’, earnt his second Oscar nomination

Osamah Sami with members of his local mosque


In ‘House of Gods’, Sydney’s Muslim community gets to be complicated

Plus, Barnaby Joyce shines in ‘Nemesis’, Emma Seligman and Rachel Sennott deliver ‘Bottoms’, and Chloë Sevigny and Molly Ringwald step up for ‘Feud: Capote vs. The Swans’.

Still from ‘Boy Swallows Universe’


‘Boy Swallows Universe’

The magical realism in Netflix’s adaptation of Trent Dalton’s bestselling novel derails its tender portrayal of family drama in 1980s Brisbane’s suburban fringe

Two women on a train smile and shake hands


‘Expats’ drills down on Hong Kong’s class divide

Plus, Netflix swallows Trent Dalton, Deborah Mailman remains in ‘Total Control’ and ‘Vanderpump Rules’ returns for another season

A group of women with serious expressions are huddled around a laptop computer.

‘Strife’ is a rollicking, if shallow, look at 2010s women’s media

Plus, a girl-band rises to the top in ‘Paper Dolls’, heartwarming family dysfunction returns in the fourth season of ‘Bump’, and the Stan documentary about Ben Roberts-Smith delves into his defamation case against the media

Scene from ‘The Curse’

‘The Curse’

Nathan Fielder directs and co-stars in an erratic comedy about the performative benevolence of a couple creating a social housing reality TV show

Image of a Korean woman whose face is being clasped by a dark shadowy figure behind her.

Korean folklore comes to Western Sydney in ‘Night Bloomers’

Plus, the infamous 1970s London haunting is recreated in ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’, queer ghost hunters unite in ‘Living for the Dead’, and more

Scene from ‘Starstruck’

ABC TV’s ‘Starstruck’

The charming rom-com’s third season delivers more emotional pay-offs as the characters develop in their 30s

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

The embolden age of Hollywood

The writers strike in America brought often solitary artists onto the streets to come together to protect their livelihoods

A woman wearing a gold mask, blonde wig and skimpy clothes is seen dancing. A mirror in the background shows her reflection.

K-drama ‘Mask Girl’ is a camp thriller about the need to feel seen

Plus, docuseries ‘The Super Models’ delves into nostalgic glamour, satirical comedy ‘C*A*U*G*H*T’ features local talent alongside Hollywood stars, and Australian mystery ‘One Night’ examines messy female friendships