Australian politics, society & culture


Cover of The Hate Race
Hachette; $32.99
By Brenda Walker
Cover of East West Street
Philippe Sands’ ‘East West Street’ mixes memoir, biography and thriller to explain the origins of ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘genocide’
By Martin Krygier
Image of Roald Dahl in his writing hut
The life and legacy of Roald Dahl
By Anwen Crawford
Image of Sydney University graduate
Where has demand driven our universities?
By Thornton McCamish
Image of Michelle Guthrie
The new managing director’s vision isn’t clear
By Margaret Simons
A cat-detection team are doing important work on Dirk Hartog Island
By Nicole Gill
From the census debacle to the Don Dale scandal, politicians and the public have short memories
By Nick Feik
The dispute over the South China Sea will come to affect more than just China’s near neighbours
By Michael Wesley
On an island in Nicaragua, a rocky incline stands between Steve Hely and the Holy Grail of caffeine
By Steve Hely
How should Australians commemorate their battles in other countries?
By Mungo MacCallum
Cover of The Art of Time Travel
Tom Griffiths’ ‘The Art of Time Travel’ is a thoughtful look at some of Australia’s most prominent historians
By Barry Hill
Image of Svetlana Alexievich
Nobel Prize–winning journalist Svetlana Alexievich brings together an extraordinarily diverse group of Russian voices
By Anna Goldsworthy
Image of mining workers flying from Perth
A region returns to earth
By Hamish McDonald
Image of Xiaojing Hao
Australia’s solar champions face an uncertain future
By Ceridwen Dovey
Why do we do so little of something so good?
By Karen Hitchcock
Why are our pets so pampered?
By Anne Manne
Wikiclub NT is raising the Northern Territory’s profile on Wikipedia
By Oscar Schwartz
Cover of White Sands
Text Publishing; $32.99
By Stephanie Bishop