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In discussions about climate change, indigenous voices are often overlooked – even though their regions are often the ones in the greatest peril when it comes to the effects of global warming. Join 350 Pacific’s Jacynta Fuamatu, Indigenous Australian writer Jared Thomas and Inuit activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2016 as they discuss the right for their communities to have a say in international decision-making. What steps can we take in order for these marginalised communities to have their voices and concerns heard? With Tony Birch. Melbourne, August 2016
Social injustice and socioeconomic status have direct impacts on health worldwide, but the discrepancy is not as simple as rich vs poor. In his groundbreaking book The Health Gap, World Medical Association president Sir Michael Marmot challenges existing paradigms around health and social advantage. What’s more, evidence points to the fact that we know how to lessen the health gap – so why aren’t we doing it? Marmot’s findings could radically change the way we think about health and society. In this session at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2016, he unpacks and explains these complexities, with a special focus on Indigenous Australian health, and suggests possible ways forward. With the Monthly’s Nick Feik. Melbourne, August 2016
It took two weeks and endless bureaucracy to honour a dying wish
By Claire Konkes
James Lovatt
Lovatts Crosswords gave its profits to employees. What went wrong?
By Richard Cooke
Bertram Wainer inspired a young Tim Flannery to take on the establishment
By Tim Flannery
The late historian leaves behind a stunning body of scholarship
By Tom Griffiths
Welcome to the Collingwood English Language School
By Ingrid Laguna
At the Byron Writers Festival 2016, the Saturday Paper’s editor, Erik Jensen, joins award-winning novelist Charlotte Wood (The Natural Way of Things) to discuss the Northern Territory youth detention controversy, the effect of royal commissions, the rise in homelessness, and how fiction can respond to the news, among other topics. Byron Bay, August 2016
Are environmental rights also human rights? At Byron Writers Festival 2016, author, journalist, political adviser and pioneering feminist Anne Summers chairs a panel that includes former Greens leader Bob Brown, human-rights lawyer and executive director of Refugee Legal David Manne and Nobel Prize–winning scientist Peter Doherty. Byron Bay, August 2016
As part of the Wednesday Lectures 2016 at the University of Melbourne, Raimond Gaita asks: Is the idea of a common humanity a useful one with which to think about the moral, legal and political relations between people and peoples? Raimond Gaita is a professorial fellow in the Faculty of Arts and the Melbourne Law School at the University of Melbourne, and a professor emeritus of moral philosophy at King’s College London. Melbourne, August 2016
At the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference 2016, Helen Fatouros, executive director of criminal law services at Victoria Legal Aid, looks at how the youth justice system works and how it might be improved. Melbourne, July 2016
At the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference 2016, Tory Russell, co-founder and director of HandsUp United, based in Ferguson, Missouri, speaks about the Black Lives Matter movement. Melbourne, July 2016
At the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference 2016, barrister Julian McMahon, who represented Van Tuong Nguyen and Bali Nine ringleaders Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, looks at the politics of executions in Asia, with specific reference to the Philippines and Indonesia. Melbourne, July 2016
Cover of The Hate Race
Hachette; $32.99
By Brenda Walker
Cover of East West Street
Philippe Sands’ ‘East West Street’ mixes memoir, biography and thriller to explain the origins of ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘genocide’
By Martin Krygier
Image of Roald Dahl in his writing hut
The life and legacy of Roald Dahl
By Anwen Crawford
Image of Sydney University graduate
Where has demand driven our universities?
By Thornton McCamish
Image of Michelle Guthrie
The new managing director’s vision isn’t clear
By Margaret Simons