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Melbourne Museum’s Thomas Rich has devoted more than 30 years to Australia’s polar dinosaurs
By Chloe Hooper
Just how innovative is the Turnbull government’s innovation package?
By Nick Feik
Does leaving your smartphone at home make you feel panicked? Maybe its absence feels like a guilty pleasure. Today, a life without the internet is like a life without reality. We have taught our brains to expect connectedness, instantaneous answers and constant entertainment. We no longer get bored, or know how to.
A conversation with Julian Assange
By John Keane
Join NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (via video link), Greens senator Scott Ludlam and the Australian director of Human Rights Watch Elaine Pearson for a historic discussion on Australia’s national and global surveillance state and how we can and must build a stronger movement to protect our freedoms in the digital
The mysteries of the microbiome
By Jo Chandler
How a gruelling physical challenge became a welcome relief
By Karen Hitchcock
Around Australia the registrars are about to sit part one of the medical specialist exams, the rigour of which makes medical school exams seem like hopscotch. I feel sorry for them: five years on the wards and now trapped inside cages of heart-thumping ignorance. Physicians in their 80s still have nightmares where
Practising medicine away from the big cities
By Karen Hitchcock
The world’s biggest radio telescope is under construction in Western Australia
By Michael Lucy
Join Ramona Koval in a Skype conversation with Michel Faber, the author of ‘The Book of Strange New Things’. Faber was born in The Hague, The Netherlands. He and his parents emigrated to Australia in 1967.
Sometimes a doctor can’t help but kill a patient
By Karen Hitchcock
When the death of an old friend becomes tabloid fodder
By Luke Davies
The extended mind thesis and the scouring brush
By John Maloney
Discover the latest trends in wearable technologies and learn how designers are imagining new devices that will become essential parts of our daily lives. Gadi Amit is a San Francisco-based designer.
Are GPs prescribing too many antidepressants?
By Karen Hitchcock
Our obsession with vitamins is getting out of hand
By Karen Hitchcock
The science is clear, but the way forward is not
By Judith Brett