science & technology

Brain waves

Brain–computer interfaces promise communication capabilities for those paralysed by neurological dysfunction

Pale blue dot

The myth of the ‘overview effect’, and how it serves space industry entrepreneurs

The breath of Venus

Does the detection of phosphine gas point to life among Venus’s clouds?

Ready to rumble

Crowds cheer on the destructive prowess of Pot Head and Wanda at the Robowars National Championship

Our largest sexual organ: Amee Baird’s ‘Sex in the Brain’

We know surprisingly little about how our brains orchestrate our sex lives

Mission to Mars

The Australian woman on the shortlist to bid farewell to Earth forever

Shooting beyond the Moon

Reflecting on the Apollo 11 mission as Mars beckons

Mining the Moon

The resources industry says it’s finders keepers in the new space race

Chasing the miracle of gene therapy

For Megan Donnell’s family, the DNA-altering revolution cannot come soon enough

What happened to broadband in Australia?

NBN Co’s former CEO on how the Coalition broke the internet