Australian politics, society & culture

Religion and ethics

The Weekly Service offers a different kind of communion
By Sylvia Rowley
Roof detail of the Australian Islamic Centre
The Australian Islamic Centre is notable for what it isn’t as much as for what it is
By David Neustein
Bertram Wainer inspired a young Tim Flannery to take on the establishment
By Tim Flannery
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
An ideology of savagery
By Robert Manne
The argument against euthanasia
By Karen Hitchcock
Meeting the Dalai Lama in the Blue Mountains
By Barry Hill
Child survivors of the Holocaust meet in Melbourne
By Jaye Kranz
By James Boyce
Art and artifice in John Michael McDonagh’s ‘Calvary’
By Luke Davies
On science, religion, politics and ideology
By Judith Brett
George Pell, Anzac service, 24 April 2009. © AAP/Jenny Evans
The Anzac cult
By Don Watson
A Victorian-era postcard an age-old problem. © Wikimedia Commons
‘Sex: An unnatural history’
By Anne Summers
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Noam Chomsky and the Sydney Peace Prize
By Nick Dyrenfurth
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
John Safran’s new ABC TV project
By Craig Sherborne
Caged rats awaiting their fate. © Francesca Yorke/Getty Images
Reflections on the breeding house
By Gail Bell
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Bullying in the workplace
By Gail Bell
Stephen Milne leads his St Kilda teammates in a recovery session, September 2008, Melbourne. © Stuart Mcevoy / Newspix / News Limited
Sex and the AFL
By Anna Krien
Building of Knox Grammar School, 1943. State Library of New South Wales
Knox Grammar’s Adrian Nisbett
By Malcolm Knox