Race and ethnicity

The Sudanese community leader and sports star’s improbable rise
By Richard Cooke
Image of Pope John Paul II in Gabon, 1982
Conservatives pine for the days of unapologetic cultural supremacism. Do they really know what they’re getting themselves into?
By Richard Cooke
Anti-Semitism is on the rise
By Richard Cooke
Image of George Michael
On George Michael, race and pop
By Anwen Crawford
The Australia of Pauline Hanson’s second parliamentary term looks very different to the Australia of her first
By George Megalogenis
Welcome to the Collingwood English Language School
By Ingrid Laguna
Cover of The Hate Race
Hachette; $32.99
By Brenda Walker
The last Aussie-themed pub in London
By Celina Ribeiro
Stories of South Sudan from Traralgon
By Arnold Zable
Behind the scenes of ‘Maximum Choppage’, a new kung-fu comedy
By Benjamin Law
Charlie Hebdo, free speech, multiculturalism and 18C
By Russell Marks
An exegesis on unintended consequences
By Mat Keneally
This month Tony Abbott squibbed the greatest moral challenge of his age and shelved plans to amend the Racial Discrimination Act. That was tough on George Brandis, who had drafted a gem of law prohibiting racial vilification only where the victim...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Noam Chomsky and the Sydney Peace Prize
By Nick Dyrenfurth
A TPN rebel at base camp in the jungle of West Papua. © KC Ortiz
A journey through West Papua
By William Lloyd-George
Raising the flag at Cronulla beach, 2005. © Cameron Spence / Getty Images
By Malcolm Knox
Women celebrates the Eid al-Adha festival at Lakemba Mosque, 2003. © Ben Rushton / Fairfax
Sharia Law
By Sally Neighbour
By Christos Tsiolkas
I’m ageing; I’m becoming the old fart I never wished to be. I am succumbing to nostalgia and its lethal evil twin, bitterness. I listen to the radio – or, recently, more often a 30-second grab of a song on iTunes – and I think that popular music...
Studenst gather at the Meridian International Hotel School in Melbourne, closed without warning on 6 November 2009. © Julian Smith / AAP Image
The international student sector
By Margaret Simons