A win’s a win

The Eden-Monaro result shows that Morrison’s popularity has not substantially changed voting patterns – and Labor has still not cut through

Coal cursed

The fossil-fuel lobby could not have created the climate wars so easily without the preceding culture wars

American carnage

Donald Trump and the collapse of the Union

Weal of fortune

Rebuilding the economy means government investment, but not all public spending is equal

Surrounded by pygmies: Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘A Bigger Picture’

The former PM’s memoir fails to reckon with his fatal belief that all Australians shared his vision

The new tyranny of distance

Facing a historic isolation of a different kind, what next for our migrant nation?

Road map to nowhere

Angus Taylor’s road map is anything but an emissions reduction strategy

Vale, comrade

Jack Mundey left the world a far better place than he found it

Economic fantasy fiction

Australia’s future is looking increasingly dystopian thanks to our governments’ continuing affair with neoliberal theory

A many-cornered contest

A Coalition win in Eden-Monaro is unlikely, but would be regarded as another of Morrison’s miracles and a disaster for Albanese