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Cincinnatus Abandons the Plow To Dictate Laws in Rome (1806), by Juan Antonio Ribera
How online organisation can give power back to the people
By Tim Flannery and Catriona Wallace
Remembering Gough Whitlam puts modern Labor to shame
By Don Watson
Tanya Plibersek plays it cool
By John van Tiggelen
By Mungo MacCallum
Hardie Grant; $39.95
By John van Tiggelen
Victorian Labor leader Daniel Andrews keeps his head down
By John van Tiggelen
How the Liberal Party has exiled its last reasonable man
By Amanda Lohrey
Bill Shorten and Tony Abbott at the opening of parliament, November 2013. © Gary Ramage / Newspix  
The distance between us and our rulers is getting bigger
By Richard Cooke
The Liberals' winner-takes-all political payback
By Judith Brett
The ALP, the Libs, the Greens, the split
By Amanda Lohrey
Adam Bandt at his election-night party, 7 September 2013. © Paul Jeffers / Fairfax
Government or activism?
By Guy Rundle
By Mungo MacCallum