Self-portrait of Vivian Maier
In a world obsessed with sharing images, what should we make of a street photographer who hoarded them?
By Matthew Clayfield
Art Gallery of NSW celebrates the work of iconic Indigenous photographer Mervyn Bishop
By Stephanie Bishop
Image by Bill Henson
Bill Henson exhibits recent photographic work at the National Gallery of Victoria
By Sebastian Smee
Jonathan Cape; $79.95
By Kevin Rabalais
© Peter Lindbergh
The face
By Karen de Perthuis
By Patrick Hartigan
By Monthly Wire
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
‘Vanity Fair Portraits’
By Clare Press
The origins of the word ‘glamour' lie in the swirling mists of Scottish thaumaturgy; to be glamorous in Robbie Burns' time was to be messing with magic. But come the twentieth century, thanks to who knows what dark spell, the term shifted meaning to...
David Marr’s ‘The Henson Case’
By Sebastian Smee
David Marr's book on the Bill Henson controversy (Text Publishing, 149pp; $24.95) begins with a reasonable man reasonably wondering if an image of a naked young girl used on an invitation to an exhibition opening is not "a bit off". The man is the...
By Malcolm Knox
“The event that dislocated our period from the last was September 11.” “Oh-one. Twin Towers. Splatter patterns. It’s raining men, hallelujah ...” “Hush. The event to which you refer merely amplified the existing order, even accelerated its actions....