Vintage Australia; $32.99
By Brenda Walker
Penguin; $29.99
By Robyn Annear
Black Inc.; $34.99
By Michael Cooney
NewSouth; $49.99
By Rhys Muldoon
Black Inc.; $29.99
By Peter Christoff
Photo courtesy of Text Publishing.
A long-lost novel sees the light after 40 years
By Geordie Williamson
George Johnston and Charmian Clift in 1948. © Fairfax Syndication
George Johnston’s classic of Australian war literature
By Nadia Wheatley
Trans. Christopher Moncrieff; Alma Classics; $19.99
By Kevin Rabalais
NewSouth Books; $39.99
By Robyn Annear
Hemingway’s passport, 1923. © John F Kennedy Library, Boston
A portrait of Papa as a young man
By Kevin Rabalais
Heart Reef, in the Whitsundays. © Queensland Tourism
Iain McCalman’s ‘The Reef: A passionate history’
By Robyn Annear
Memories of a friend and mentor
By Robyn Davidson
Subtropical beech forest, northern NSW © Paul Curtis
The hero of this story is a tree or rather a species of tree
By Amanda Lohrey
By Peter Pierce
An early book in Margaret Atwood’s prolific and acclaimed career was a guide to Canadian literature called Survival. Implicitly, that notion informs the post-apocalyptic trilogy of novels that concludes with MaddAddam. In this last book, it is...
By Peter Goldsworthy
Poets, like mathematicians, can burst fully formed into song (or into differential calculus) in late adolescence. Novelists tend to take further study in the school of life. Even coming-of-age novels are often recollected in the tranquillity of...
By Geordie Williamson
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Brides revisited
By Chloe Hooper