Law and order

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The legal system is failing survivors of sexual violence, so why is it being maintained?

Faced with the choice between a gruelling court process or nothing, victim-survivors are often coming away more bruised from the experience than they were beforehand

Pride of place

Why the Bondi Memorial honouring victims of Sydney’s LGBTIQ hate-crime epidemic matters for victims and their families

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Australia’s workplace laws must better accommodate the reproductive body

A question of good faith: the trial of Zachary Rolfe

The alleged murder of Kumanjayi Walker by a police officer has ignited a legal quandary

The end game

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is slowly dying in a UK prison, as the US maintains its fight to have him die in theirs – but there is hope

Planetary defence

A court ruling that the environment minister owes children a duty of care to prevent climate harm has far-reaching implications

The most hated man

On the sentencing of Richard Pusey for outraging public decency


The Territory abandons the Don Dale royal commission reforms

A load of abalone

The trial of Keith Nye highlights how fisheries laws unfairly target Indigenous people

Australia’s number-one law and order issue

Addressing the national scourge of domestic violence