Law and order

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Close-up of smiling Kathleen Folbigg after being acquitted at the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal, December 14, 2023

Law and order

By her own words

How systemic misconceptions around women’s guilt led to a 20-year miscarriage of justice for Kathleen Folbigg

Street scene from a roundabout in Deloraine, Tasmania

Law and order

The rotten core

A Tasmanian inquiry uncovered decades of catastrophic failure to protect young people in the state’s care and a bureaucratic tangle that sheltered their abusers

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Law and order

Serving time (after time)

Australian citizens are being held in supervised facilities after they have served their prison sentence, amounting to indefinite detention

Image of David McBride

Law and order

David McBride’s guilty plea and the need for whistleblower reform

The former army lawyer had no choice but to plead guilty, which goes to show how desperately we need better whistleblower protections

Malka Leifer with head bowed having handcuffs removed at the Jerusalem District Court, February 27, 2018

Peace in the home

The trial of former school principal Malka Leifer for sexual abuse highlighted how shame and trauma are treated in the justice system, and why some institutions and communities are resistant to scrutiny

View of the High Court of Australia. Image © Mick Tsikas / AAP Images

Guarding the power of the court in our democracy

The hidden forces agitating at highest levels to undermine judicial independence

Supporters of lawyer Bernard Collaery and “Witness K” protest outside the Supreme Court in Canberra, with placards including ‘Charge the real criminals’

Whistle while we work

Exposing criminality at work is a moral act, but with whistleblower laws failing to protect those who speak up, lawyers are seeking novel solutions

Blue-and-white police tape is seen against a blurry and indistinct background.

To serve and protect?

The appalling treatment of Clare Nowland is but one example of the way in which Australia’s police forces wield power

Stacey and Gareth Train talk to camera in a grainy black-and-white video posted on YouTube

The Train family murders

Were last year’s killings in remote Wieambilla, Queensland, the result of a new age of radicalisation?

Rosita Montoya leans against her front doorframe

Manila’s countless dead

New president Ferdinand Marcos Jr promised a more compassionate approach to the Philippines’ war on drugs, but the shadow of Rodrigo Duterte remains