How Google and Facebook created the opportunity for NewsCorp’s latest coup attempt

Troubled waters

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Blind study

When it comes to China’s influence, Australian universities have been burying their heads in the sand for too long

The gendered pandemic

Coronavirus lockdown is undoing gains for women in employment, shared domestic labour and protection from family violence

In the wrong

A primary school–aged child in court surely represents the ultimate failure of society, yet Australia won’t raise the age of criminal responsibility

Coal cursed

The fossil-fuel lobby could not have created the climate wars so easily without the preceding culture wars

Weal of fortune

Rebuilding the economy means government investment, but not all public spending is equal

Do black lives matter to the PM?

How serious is the Morrison government about stopping Indigenous deaths in custody?

Moral bankruptcy

Robodebt stemmed from the false ideological division between the deserving and undeserving poor, but the government still clings to moralistic language

The new tyranny of distance

Facing a historic isolation of a different kind, what next for our migrant nation?