Issues and policies

Image of Lionel Murphy
Lionel Murphy was a singular personality – and it got him in trouble
By Mungo MacCallum
Malcolm Turnbull got his postal survey win in the High Court but still stands to lose
By Mungo MacCallum
Two gay refugees face an unwelcoming community and an uncertain future
By Abdul Karim Hekmat
The controversy over Martin Place’s homeless community became a political power struggle
By Michael Dulaney
Won’t somebody think of the Roman Catholics?
By Mungo MacCallum
Who will take the blame for the Commonwealth Bank’s latest scandal?
By Mungo MacCallum
What is Foxtel doing with $30 million of taxpayers’ money?
By Mungo MacCallum
Image of a broken key
House prices, insecure work and growing debts … Who can afford a stake in today’s society?
By Richard Denniss
The wider cost of Australia’s housing affordability crisis
By Judith Brett
Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians must be more than just tokenism
By Noel Pearson
The asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru cannot wait for a medium-term solution
By Robert Manne
Image of Sally McKinnon
Sally McManus is the new face of Australia’s union movement
By Alex McKinnon
Australia must work towards a medium-term solution
By Klaus Neumann, Anne McNevin, Antje Missbach, Damir Mitric and Savitri Taylor
Robert Manne responds to Klaus Neumann
By Robert Manne
The asylum-seeker solution proposed by Brennan, Costello, Manne and Menadue is unacceptable
By Klaus Neumann
Image of a loading icon
What will be the cost of a patchwork NBN?
By Paddy Manning
Image of Wrest Point casino, Sandy Bay, Tasmania
James Boyce’s ‘Losing Streak’ investigates how one family came to rule the state’s poker-machine industry
By Amanda Lohrey
Image of Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre
How authorities lost control of juvenile detention
By Russell Marks