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What will be the cost of a patchwork NBN?
Is Nick Cleary’s ambitious CLARA project the answer to Australia’s fast-rail question?
Image of mining workers flying from Perth
A region returns to earth
Road freight is expensive, dirty and dangerous. Why are our governments addicted to it?
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Why dialling ‘000’ may not save your life
Healthabitat director Paul Pholeros'work is warmly received. © Paul Pholeros. Courtesy of Sue Williams.
Indigenous housing
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Dubious real estate coverage
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Mahmoud Saikal and Kabul’s ‘New City’ Proposal
It’s a beautiful sunny day in the middle of winter and we’re looking down on a wide, scrubby plain that stretches some 200 kilometres west across the wheat belt to Geraldton, on the western Australian coast. In front of us runs a cavalcade of...