Indigenous Australia

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Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Lines in the sand

By failing to take Indigenous knowledge seriously, a scientific paper speculating on the origin of WA desert ‘fairy circles’ misses the mark

Kakadu National Park


Park of the covenant

With the Ranger Uranium Mine now closed, Kakadu’s traditional owners want the government to make good on the original promise of a national park in their care

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Indigenous rights

Truth after the Voice

The lost opportunity of the Voice referendum revealed Australians’ poor understanding of the Constitution, and the level of racism in the community

Yes referendum corflute with No spraypainted over it, in Bassendean, Perth, Saturday, October 14, 2023

Indigenous rights

The year the Voice broke

How John Howard’s shadow over Australian politics is evident in the referendum, reconciliation and the rest

Empty seats with No campaign placards on them in an event venue in Melbourne, September 15, 2023,

True colours

What the outcome of the Voice referendum suggests about the future of reconciliation, and what it says about the national character

Supporters of the “Yes” campaign in Melbourne, Sunday, September 17, 2023, wearing "yes" T-shirts and raising their fists

The Voice beyond symbolism

As October 14 approaches, opposition to the Voice has been dominated by false claims and discredited ideas

Melissa Lucashenko

Staying white

Why do some people with Aboriginal ancestry choose not to identify as Indigenous, even when First Nations communities are welcoming?

Coloured illustration from antiquity of cockatoo standing on grass

The voice and our inauthentic heart

Racism, the Murdoch media and what success or defeat for the voice to parliament means for the stories we tell

Image of Patrick Dodson leaning into smoke at a ceremony with hands cupped

A firelight stick on the hill

As momentum builds to this year’s referendum, the man long regarded as the ‘Father of Reconciliation’ reflects on a life fighting for a better Australia

Megan Davis and Anthony Albanese are seen standing at podiums bearing the Australian coat of arms, while members of the First Nations Referendum Working Group and members of the Albanese government stand behind them. People are listening to Megan Davis as she speaks.

A dialogue for time immemorial

The voice seeks to bring together First Nations and the Australian people to repair the original grievance of this place