How do we make sense of such a complex movement?
By Kate Holden
It’s a simple procedure, but having a vasectomy can raise questions of masculinity and equality
By Ceridwen Dovey
Image of Jessa Crispin
Jessa Crispin’s ‘Why I Am Not a Feminist’ demands a dismantling of mainstream feminism … and the system itself
By Stephanie Bishop
Image of men at board meeting
The confused case for corporate gender equality
By Cordelia Fine
Image of Helen Tufts and Helena Born
Emily Witt’s ‘Future Sex’ and Sheila Rowbotham’s ‘Rebel Crossings’ approach the concept of free love from different perspectives
By Anwen Crawford
STEM is the future, and women need to be part of it
By Margaret Wertheim
Having a baby and having a medical career
By Karen Hitchcock
Georgie Stone
When human nature and the law intersect
By Jenan Taylor
How do emergency services respond to the LGBTI community?
By Jenan Taylor
A one-woman assault on condescension
By Helen Garner
Women could use a little of the shameless confidence men take for granted
By Annabel Crabb
Tony Abbott presents Rosie Batty with the 2015 Australian of the Year award, 25 January 2015. © Mick Tsikas / AAP
The costs and causes of domestic violence
By Jess Hill
A new Australian film poses intriguing questions
By Lawrence Weschler
A quota success story: an elected female representative leads an Indian village meeting for local women. Courtesy of the Hunger Project.
Do Mandatory Gender Quotas Work?
By Cordelia Fine
By Anne Manne
A decade ago I wrote a newspaper article about Sarah Blaffer Hrdy’s controversial book Mother Nature: Natural Selection and the Female of the Species. Halfway through I came across a photo that has haunted me ever since. A Pakistani mother is...
Tony Judt’s 'Ill Fares the Land'
By Robert Manne
Tony Judt, the historian of the French intelligentsia and postwar Europe, has been suffering a ferociously debilitating motor neurone disease. During this time he has composed for the New York Review of Books a beautiful memoir-in-fragments and a...
'Hitch-22: A Memoir' by Christopher Hitchens, Atlantic Books, 352pp; $35.00
Christopher Hitchens’ ‘Hitch-22’
By Dennis Altman
Germaine Greer © Maggie Hannan/Flickr
Germaine Greer and ‘The Female Eunuch’
By Louis Nowra