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Emma Stone in ‘Poor Things’


Modern Prometheans: ‘Poor Things’ and ‘All of Us Strangers’

Emma Stone seeks a moral conscience in Yorgos Lanthimos’s upended Frankenstein grotesque, while Andrew Haigh delivers a metaphysical coming-out story

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Way out Southwest

The local debut of the SXSW film, TV, music and tech fair is a sign the road to Hollywood now runs in both directions

Nick Cave performing with The Birthday Party at The Venue, London, 1981


The candles flicker and dim: ‘Mutiny in Heaven: The Birthday Party’

Ian White’s documentary captures the incendiary trajectory of the seminal Melbourne band at the expense of the inertia that fuelled it

Michael Fassbender in ’The Killer’, sitting in a room cross-legged on a mat, wearing black gloves


Into the streaming void: ‘The Killer’ and ‘They Cloned Tyrone’

David Fincher’s stylish pulp and Juel Taylor’s SF-adjacent satire are the latest riches to be taken for granted in the ever-ready, abundant world of Netflix

Image showing two children walking along underground train tracks

Venice International Film Festival 2023 highlights

Cuban drama ‘Oceans Are the Real Continents’, hypnotic Nepalese debut ‘The Red Suitcase’, and documentary ‘Photophobia’, following those sheltering in Kharkiv’s underground metro stations, are among this year’s stand-outs

Osage women seated in a scene from in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

Histories of violence: ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ and ‘El Conde’

Martin Scorsese’s first Western mishandles its story of colonial exploitation, while Pablo Larraín’s darkly humorous, black-and-white satire delivers Pinochet as a vampire

Bhavin Rabari in ‘Last Film Show’

Major minors: ‘Last Film Show’ and ‘Scrapper’

Feature films from Pan Nalin and Charlotte Regan tell stories of children whose difficult circumstances don’t deprive them of community and love

Two men wearing jackets and beanies are seen in the bush. One is hugging the other from behind, resting his face on the other’s back.

New Australian films at MIFF

Mark Leonard Winter’s portrait of wounded men in ‘The Rooster’ and Isabel Darling’s epic documentary about showground life ‘The Carnival’ are among the new Australian works screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival

Molly Manning Walker – a young woman with short, bleached blonde hair – can be seen wearing a light blue and white collared shirt.

Pleasure principles: Director Molly Manning Walker

The British director’s debut feature film, ‘How to Have Sex’, is a deeply empathetic exploration of teenage friendship, social pressures and consent

Teo Yoo and Greta Lee in ‘Past Lives’

Close encounters of the shared kind: ‘Past Lives’

Korean debut filmmaker Celine Song’s elegant three-part love story embraces the Buddhist idea of encounters over many incarnations