Can a young wartime couple pick up where they left off?
By Anna Goldsworthy
Hamish Hamilton; $32.99
By Michael Lucy
By Josephine Rowe
At 33 he goes back to the town his mother was raised in. She’d taken him there as a child every summer, for her own birthday, and they’d rowed out in a hired tinnie to eat a picnic above the place she believed her house must have been. Must still be...
The perverse attraction of autobiographical fiction
By Ceridwen Dovey
Penguin; $29.99
By Robyn Annear
HarperCollins; $29.99
By Ronnie Scott
Karl Ove Knausgaard. © Anders Hansson
The third volume of the epic autobiographical novel ‘My Struggle’
By Anna Goldsworthy
Little, Brown; $32.99
By Caroline Hamilton
A barracuda. Source: Wikimedia Commons
All fired up
By James Bradley
The slash pile
By Linda Jaivin
All That Is, James Salter, Picador; $29.99
By James Salter
By Robyn Annear
'Silent House', Orhan Pamuk, Hamish Hamilton; $29.99
By Alexandra Coghlan
'The Voyage', Murray Bail, Text; $29.99
Murray Bail's 'The Voyage'
By John Banville
The Museum of Innocence, Istanbul. © Tolga Bozoglu/Corbis
Visiting Orhan Pamuk’s 'Museum of Innocence'
By Alexandra Coghlan