Federal politics

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Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, in rolled sleeves standing in front of Hansard library

Federal politics

After robodebt: Restoring trust in government integrity and accountability

The attorney-general makes the case for reforms to Australia’s institutional checks and balances

Parliament House, Canberra, under a sunset

Federal politics

An executive summary

Labor’s pledge to depoliticise the public service is undermined by the government only hearing what it wants to hear on climate change

Image of Treasurer Jim Chalmers standing at lectern at Parliament House, October 25, 2023, taken from side stage

Federal politics

What kind of year has it been?

Was 2023 – beyond the referendum calamity – a year of government timidity or a demonstration of its ability to keep the national conversation on course?

Image of Parliament House, Canberra, under storm clouds

Federal politics

Robodebt and the life of Canberra staffers

Does the extreme pressure put on Canberra’s overworked political staffers fuel tragedies such as robodebt?

Image of Sophie Scamps, Kate Chaney, Zoe Daniel, Monique Ryan, Allegra Spender and Zali Steggall in the House of Representatives, July 27, 2022

The colour of money

Are the teals, representing some of the nation’s wealthiest electorates, our best hope for addressing inequality?

Illustration of suited man directign another suited man to leave

Van damned

The events surrounding Senator David Van’s expulsion to the crossbench show the Liberal Party still has a problem with attitudes towards women

Prince Charles in Sydney, 1981, seated at harbour across from Opera House

The coronation, the republic and the voice

Constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians is a necessary step towards a republic

Labor Party election-night event at the Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL, Sydney

The year of living cautiously

What do the first 12 months of the Albanese government tell us about its aims, and how should we assess its success?

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

The budget balance

Compared to the Hawke government’s approach to deficit, how does Jim Chalmers’ new budget stack up?

A view of the PwC company logo on a building in Sydney.

The PwC scandal underscores the slow collapse of the public service

The outsourcing of government business has fundamentally changed how governments think about public policy – and their capacity to act in the public good