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Caged rats awaiting their fate. © Francesca Yorke/Getty Images
Reflections on the breeding house
By Gail Bell
Shi Zhengrong and his wife, Vivienne, with Andrew Upton and Cate Blanchett, atop the Sydney Theatre Company, which is 70% powered by Suntech's Pluto technology, November 2010. © Brendon Thorne/Getty Images
Shi Zhengrong
By Eric Knight
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
The secret lives of ants
By Robert Drewe
Katsushika Hokusai, 'Under the Wave off Kanagawa', c. 1830. © Corbis
Reflections on Japan
By Lian Hearn
A Siberian tiger feeds on a live chicken in the Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin, 2011. © How Hwee Young/EPA/Corbis
Harbin, China
By Linda Jaivin
A rapscallian's resort, Central Park. © Cameron Davidson / Corbis
Central Park, New York
By Janette Turner Hospital
Bluestone Bay, Tasmania. © Paul Sinclair / The Freycinet Experience
Freycinet, Tasmania
By Nicholas Shakespeare
Hungry raccoons. © Bettmann / Corbis
Animal-watching abroad
By Sonya Hartnett
Brisbane, 1974 © Bruce Postle
By Alex Miller
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Guy Pearse
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Cate Kennedy
Goolarabooloo law man Joseph Roe on Cable Beach in Broome. © Simon Penn
Kimberley politics
By Victoria Laurie
White-rumped Vultures, once abundant in north-east India, are considered a threatened species. © Corbis
Tim Flannery’s ‘Here on Earth’
By Christine Kenneally
By Guy Pearse
“Join us, won’t you, on our coalminers’ tour of exotic Mongolia, and grab a slice of the world’s fourth-biggest coal reserves. En route to the Gobi, we’ll explore the fleshpots of Ulan Bator together, starting with the national mining conference and...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Guy Pearse
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
By Guy Pearse
Glenn Beutel has heard of The Castle but has no plans to see the film about a suburban family who win a David-and-Goliath battle to save their house from an airport expansion. Glenn’s plight is immediately reminiscent of that beloved Australian film...