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Kakadu National Park


Park of the covenant

With the Ranger Uranium Mine now closed, Kakadu’s traditional owners want the government to make good on the original promise of a national park in their care

Toolangi State Forest, Victoria


Wood for the trees

Native timber harvesting is ending, but as we begin to understand that ‘untouched wilderness’ is a myth, how best should forests be managed in future?

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


The seat of our plants

An environmental lawyer turned activist is installing street furniture in inner-suburban Sydney that discreetly turns food waste into compost

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Fighting fire with fire

Early dry-season burning by Indigenous rangers in the Northern Territory is reducing the risk and severity of wildfires

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Kelp is on its way

Heat-resistant strains of giant kelp are being planted around the Tasman Peninsula in a bid to restore the once great marine forests devastated by climate change

Killer whales swimming alongside small boat

Natural born killers

Trailing orcas on a whale hunt off the Ningaloo coast provides a visceral thrill and good news for the ecosystem

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Reading the mushroom

A walk with ecologist Alison Pouliot exploring the ways fungi up-end our understanding of the natural world

Illustration of bushfires

Flame wars

Michael-Shawn Fletcher’s claims that conservation measures create extreme bushfire conditions are dangerously informing government policy

Waste can be seen among recyclable items from domestic bins at the Cleanaway Recycling Centre in Brisbane, November 11, 2021. Image © Jono Searle / AAP Images

Does Australia recycle anything? And does it matter?

The suspension of REDcycle’s soft plastics collection program has prompted questions about the state of recycling

Gostelow, E.E. (1933), The eastern whipbird (Psophodes olivaceus)

A patch of land

The joys of planning then surrendering to a native garden, before bidding it a fond farewell