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Image of Wesley College in Melbourne, one of the largest private schools in the country. March 19, 2020. Image © James Ross / AAP Images

Private reservations

Australia’s obsession with private schools is only adding to a deepening democratic deficit

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

The slow fade of music education

An elegy for music, learning and impoverished culture

Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and former prime minister Tony Abbott, November 7, 2019. Image © Bianca De Marchi / AAP Image

How Australian public life has been diminished

Culture wars, climate wars and the bureaucratisation of writing have eroded the public sphere

Image of theatre stage with empty chairs

Drama in hell

The descent of creative arts at Australia’s universities

Artwork by TV Moore

The bin fire of the humanities

Casualisation and relentless cost-cutting have destroyed the credibility of Australian universities

Image of the University of Sydney, July 2020.

When the rivers run dry

Universities are in trouble, and the government isn’t helping

A minor language

If Footscray Primary’s Vietnamese program ends, what else is lost?

Blind study

When it comes to China’s influence, Australian universities have been burying their heads in the sand for too long

Image of library shelves

Learning difficulties

The Coalition’s political agenda is a gross infringement on academic freedom

Image of Sydney University campus

At what cost

University fees have never functioned as a price signal in the way the government is anticipating