Can ‘Eat the Problem’ solve the problem?

Mona’s new project explores our fraught ethics of consumption

Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’

The contrary director’s 30-year quest comes to a suitably ludicrous end

‘Janet Laurence: After Nature’ at the MCA

This survey offers a root and branch study of the natural world’s fragility

Gabrielle Brady’s ‘The Island of Hungry Ghosts’

This new hybrid documentary casts Christmas Island in a hypnotically strange light

A beautiful chaos

The Artful Dodgers Studios is a haven for young artists and musicians

A love of the past

‘Mischka’s War’ is a historian’s honest attempt at preserving both love and objectivity

In search of the ecstatic at Supersense

Sophia Brous assembled another magnificently eclectic program for her festival’s second outing

In search of another narrative

With ‘Taboo’, Kim Scott sketches out a new way of accepting our histories, and imagining our future.

Bannon, Trump and ‘Devil’s Bargain’

Joshua Green chronicles Steve Bannon’s rise to prominence – and offers an insight into what he might be capable of now

Blurring the lines

‘The Silent Eye’ is the latest of Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s films to resist easy categorisation