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Debt burden: Paul Schrader’s ‘The Card Counter’

The acclaimed writer-director indulges his experimental streak in a thriller that inverts the popular conception of the gambling man

‘Get Back’ is ‘slow TV’ for Beatles nuts

Despite plenty of magical moments, Peter Jackson’s eight-hour epic is the work of a fanatic, and will likely only be watched in full by other fanatics

Candid camera: ‘How To with John Wilson’

Both delightfully droll and genuinely moving, John Wilson’s idiosyncratic documentary series is this month’s streaming standout

Abbotsford I

New poetry, after lockdowns

Alliance Française French Film Festival 2020

This year’s showcase of French cinema features combustible social realism, unmissable zombie-teen drama, an unofficial tribute to the iconic Catherine Deneuve, and more

‘Dark Waters’ runs deep

Mark Ruffalo is at his understated best in Todd Haynes’ take on this real-life environmental legal drama

Reimagining ‘Breaking the Waves’

The creators of this opera on how it adds new depths and agency to von Trier’s 1996 film

Gone with the wind

How Denmark is bidding farewell to fossil fuels – an extract

Everything new is old again: The 2020 Berlin Film Festival

Even with a new artistic director, this year’s Berlinale failed to inspire

‘Stateless’: ABC

A probing drama about Australia’s mandatory detention regime focuses on the dehumanisation experienced on both sides of the razor wire