In 2017, why is it so alien to have women of colour heading up a science fiction franchise?
By Myke Bartlett
Armando Iannucci and Lucrecia Martel shine at this year’s TIFF
By Shane Danielsen
Cover of Force of Nature
In Jane Harper’s new crime thriller, group tensions boil over in the bush
By Gretchen Shirm
The majesty of Björk, new releases from Ibeyi and The Orbweavers, and more
By Anwen Crawford
Matthew Newton’s latest film is – appropriately – a story about facing up to the past
By Shane Danielsen
Self-portrait of Vivian Maier
In a world obsessed with sharing images, what should we make of a street photographer who hoarded them?
By Matthew Clayfield
The dire title belies this game’s thoughtful exploration of mental illness
By John Bailey
Cover of Conversations with Friends
The protagonists of Sally Rooney’s debut novel privilege irony over emotion
By Helen Elliott
‘A Legacy of Spies’ brings together two of John le Carré’s greatest characters – but why?
By Peter Craven
Cover of Beyond Veiled Clichés
Amal Awad’s book presents Arab women in their own words and in their own right
By Aicha Marhfour
Screenshot from Battlegrounds
‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ is one of the most popular shooter games – and one of the most unusual
By John Bailey
From rats in Baltimore to competitive falconry in Qatar, two documentaries at the Melbourne International Film Festival explored the idea of animal as status symbol
By Keva York
Australia’s first Muslim rom-com is a shimmering, engaging romp
By Steve Dow
Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ are here to save a medium that seems to be doing fine on its own
By Craig Mathieson
‘American Made’ provides more subversive smarts than you’d expect from a Tom Cruise vehicle
By Harry Windsor
Cover of Home Fire
Shamsie’s seventh novel puts a modern spin on an Ancient Greek tragedy
By Helen Elliott
Hamish Hamilton; $32.99
By Louise Swinn
Cover of Forest Dark
Bloomsbury; $24.99
By Stephanie Bishop