The lo-fi New Yorkers take on a Robert Pattinson–starring genre thriller
By Harry Windsor
Cover of Navigator Between Worlds
Reflections on one of the great essayists at the launch of a new biography
By Martin Krygier
Cover of Sour Heart
Jenny Zhang’s short-story collection offers complex, radical versions of immigrant girlhood
By Jessica Au
Cover of The Library
Stuart Kells celebrates book collections real and imagined, tangible and intangible
By Adam Rivett
Still from Cao Fei’s Rumba II: Nomad
Five Australian and international artists engage with history, impermanence and decay
By Quentin Sprague
Fleet; $27.99
By Stephanie Bishop
Allen & Unwin; $32.99
By Helen Elliott
The intangible beauty of The Clientele’s ‘Music for the Age of Miracles’
By Anwen Crawford
Still from mother!
A creative’s mea culpa? An allegory for environmental devastation? Either way, Darren Aronofsky’s ‘mother!’ is an exhausting film.
By Shane Danielsen
Image of Jennifer Egan
Jennifer Egan’s dynamic new novel, ‘Manhattan Beach’, will reward all readers
By Kevin Rabalais
Image of Stephin Merritt
Stephin Merritt brings his ‘50 Song Memoir’ to the Melbourne Festival
By Darryn King
Image of Richard Flanagan
Richard Flanagan explores a different kind of darkness in ‘First Person’
By Geordie Williamson
The Darwin poet whose muse is a dialysis machine
By Oscar Schwartz
Still from Get Krack!n
‘Get Krack!n’s Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney are not pussyfooting around
By Anna Krien
Image of the Sydney Opera House
Beautiful on the outside … the tragedy of Bennelong Point
By Darryn King
Audio describers bring theatre to life for the vision impaired
By Paul Connolly
Take a walk through the TarraWarra Museum of Art’s International exhibition
By Patrick Witton
Reviving a century of Indigenous music through the Mission Songs Project
By Zoë Morrison