Can Netflix’s breakout supernatural hit transcend its nostalgia-fuelled premise?
By Myke Bartlett
The director of ‘The Lobster’ can’t quite pull off this high-concept dance between the grandiose and the grotesque
By Luke Goodsell
Still from BoJack Horseman
An animated satire about an anthropomorphic former sitcom star gets surprisingly real
By Craig Mathieson
In a new series, prolific documentarian Ken Burns finally acknowledges that American stories have an impact on the stories of others
By Matthew Clayfield
The annual festival of experimental art energised Sydney’s Carriageworks over ten days
By Fiona McGregor
Nat Randall plays a five-minute scene of attempted reconciliation – with 100 different men over 24 hours
By Fiona McGregor
Still from The Deuce
David Simon’s new series shines amid the sleaze of the New York porn industry
By Harry Windsor
Picador; $32.99
By Stephanie Bishop
Image of Drake
The exhausting omnipotence of Drake
By Anwen Crawford
Cover of Radical Technologies
Adam Greenfield’s ‘Radical Technologies’ is an essential guide to the tech revolution
By Scott Ludlam
Image of Oliver Sacks
Oliver Sacks’ brilliant ideas echo on through ‘The River of Consciousness’
By Kate Cole-Adams
Still from Blade Runner
Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is maddeningly close to a classic
By Shane Danielsen
Image of Harvey Weinstein
Robyn Davidson’s ‘Tracks’ vs Harvey Weinstein
By Robert Drewe
Image of Tetsuya Umeda
The intriguing Tetsuya Umeda, a marriage-equality mixtape, new releases from raven and Kelela, and Burial’s ‘Untrue’ ten years on
By Anwen Crawford
Exhibitions by Brent Harris and Karl Wiebke reinforce how abstract painting can both beguile and explore big questions
By Quentin Sprague
Image of Rhetorical Chorus
Agatha Gothe-Snape’s performance work interrogates and celebrates one of the great conceptual artists
By Fiona McGregor
Image of Amy Winehouse
An exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Australia pieces together missing components of the late singer’s identity
By Jenny Valentish
Still from Mindhunter
The Australian actress talks about her key role in Netflix’s ’70s-set FBI series
By Cameron Williams