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Cover of White Sands
Text Publishing; $32.99
By Stephanie Bishop
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, until 4 September 2016
By Julie Ewington
Briggs on hip-hop, humour and a new generation of Aboriginal leaders
By Anwen Crawford
Image of Aaron Pedersen and Alex Russell in Goldstone
Cultural conflicts in Ivan Sen’s ‘Goldstone’ and the ABC’s ‘Cleverman’
By Luke Davies
Presenter John Hamblin on Play School
‘Play School’ celebrates 50 years of preschool education and entertainment
By Russell Marks
Puzzling out the singular Degas at the National Gallery of Victoria
By Sebastian Smee
The boat cruise commentary had everything – except indigenous Tasmania
By Bruce Pascoe
Rachel Perkins
The Arrernte Women’s Project is preserving vital songs and culture
By Rachel Perkins
Bruce Munro’s ‘Field of Light’ brings 50,000 LED spheres to Uluru
By Ashley Hay
Consultation and transparency are the keys to successful arts policy
By Wesley Enoch
Nir Baram’s novel Good People has sold 35,000 copies in Israel, and translation rights have sold in 14 languages. It was nominated by a leading Dutch newspaper as one of the top 50 books of the past five years. Good People is the story of Thomas Heiselberg, a Berliner, and Sasha Weissberg in
Joan London writes luminous novels and short stories that address life’s great concerns. Gilgamesh, The Good Parents and The Golden Age provide rich character studies. Join this award-winning, internationally appreciated writer as she discusses her body of work with Tali Lavi at the Melbourne Jewish
Cover of The Healing Party
Black Inc.; $29.99
By Helen Elliott
Cover of Unnecessary Wars
NewSouth Publishing; $29.99
By Mark McKenna
Dragon circa 700s
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, until 10 July 2016
By Julie Ewington
Beyoncé in Lemonade
Beyoncé’s powerful ‘Lemonade’
By Anwen Crawford
Still from Hunt for the Wilderpeople
The Kiwi charm of Taika Waititi’s ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’
By Luke Davies
Scaling the IVF mountain in Julia Leigh’s ‘Avalanche’
By Anna Goldsworthy