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Cover of The Undoing Project
Allen Lane; $45
By Michael Lucy
Cover of Transit
Jonathan Cape; $32.99
By Kevin Rabalais
Image of Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen is the consummate live performer
By Anwen Crawford
Still from Toni Erdmann
Maren Ade’s ‘Toni Erdmann’ is one of the most misread movies of the year
By Shane Danielsen
Image of the Pilbara, Western Australia.
Mark McKenna’s ‘From the Edge’ tells four fascinating stories of Aboriginal and settler interaction through the history of place
By Frank Bongiorno
Image of Helen Tufts and Helena Born
Emily Witt’s ‘Future Sex’ and Sheila Rowbotham’s ‘Rebel Crossings’ approach the concept of free love from different perspectives
By Anwen Crawford
Image of Julie Bishop
What does the deluge of political biography and memoir say about politicians and readers?
By Mark McKenna
Image of Patrick White
The author stays out of the picture, and other personal rules of writing
By David Marr
A poem
By Sarah Holland-Batt
A poem
By Sarah Holland-Batt
Image of Hans Bellmer’s The Doll
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, until 5 February
By Julie Ewington
Image of Prince
Pop music is more than lyrics on a page
By Anwen Crawford
Still from Black Mirror
Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ is ‘The Twilight Zone’ for our tech-obsessed times
By Luke Davies
In Zadie Smith’s new novel ‘Swing Time’, identity is always under construction
By Helen Elliott
Image of Ram’s Head, Blue Morning Glory by Georgia O’Keefe
‘O’Keefe, Preston, Cossington Smith: Making Modernism’ brings together three giants of modernism
By Julie Ewington
What does it take to transform the National Gallery of Australia into the Palace of Versailles?
By Quentin Sprague
Cover of Born To Run
Simon & Schuster; $49.99
By Anwen Crawford