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A sugar-cube replica of Rachel Whiteread’s Embankment (2005) © The Art Fund
Have we lost control of what we eat?
By Gail Bell
By Anne Manne
A decade ago I wrote a newspaper article about Sarah Blaffer Hrdy’s controversial book Mother Nature: Natural Selection and the Female of the Species. Halfway through I came across a photo that has haunted me ever since. A Pakistani mother is feeding her twins. The babies are about five months old. One baby is a well-
By Linda Jaivin
Swaddled in princess pink, tottering towards adolescence on their training heels, many young girls today are growing up in the plastic, not so fantastic monoculture of what Natasha Walter calls “living dolls”. This is a world in which, for women, “sexual confidence is the only confidence worth having,” where sexual
Joseph Kosuth and conceptual art
By Justin Clemens
At the beginning of the 1960s, the New York art scene was going wild. World War II had created the conditions for the city to become the new capital of the world, and Americans were unapologetically seizing opportunity in every way they could. Not only had ‘Old Europe’ been physically devastated by the war, but its