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An excursion into George Brandis’s Brave New World of metadata capture and storage
Taika Waititi’s ‘What We Do in the Shadows’
An exegesis on unintended consequences
This month Tony Abbott squibbed the greatest moral challenge of his age and shelved plans to amend the Racial Discrimination Act. That was tough on George Brandis, who had drafted a gem of law prohibiting racial vilification only where the victim...
A heartfelt plea from two political comedians
To the Honourable George Brandis and Eric Abetz, It’s been a rough week for both of you. Eric, you fell into that classic trap of suggesting abortion and breast cancer are connected. We've all been there. George, you had some...
Art and artifice in John Michael McDonagh’s ‘Calvary’
A singular analysis of AFL players’ names
Joe Dolce is a singer-songwriter, poet and essayist.  This is Joe's letter to Monthly editor John van Tiggelen, written just prior to the publication of 'Shaddap You Facebook' in the April 2013 issue of the magazine...
Once again, without emotion: Bret and Jemaine on tour earlier this year. © Tracey Nearmy/AAP
Flight of the Conchords