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The islands Japan calls Senkaku and China calls Diaoyu. © Kyodo / Reuters 
Why is Australia taking sides in the East China Sea?
Children performing for tourists in Sinuiju, North Korea. © Linda Jaivin
Big statues, high swings and a ‘Sound of Music’ sing-along
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Wim Delvoye at MONA
An encounter between impatient Australia and non-committal India: John Howard with Indian PM Manmohan Singh in 2004. © Penny Bradfield/Fairfax Syndication
Australia–India Relations
Fashion icon Akira Isogawa. Image courtesy of Akira Isogawa
Akira Isogawa
'Green Philosophy: How to Think Seriously about the Planet' by Roger Scruton, Atlantic, 646 pp; $39.99
Roger Scruton’s 'Green Philosophy: How to Think Seriously about the Planet'
Deng Wen Ge - she changed her name to Wendi in her mid-teens - was born in Shandong around the time that her future husband was buying London's News of the World. One of three children, she grew up in neighbouring Xuzhou as a Subei ren - a...
Tim Flannery's wake-up call to the planet
I love going down the freeway in Shanghai and looking up at the apartment buildings … There’s an airconditioner in every residential window, which is fantastic.—Chip Goodyear, August 2005We create CO2 every time we drive a car, cook a meal or turn...