Once is enough

Reflections on weddings after the legislation of marriage equality – an extract

‘Killing Commendatore’ by Haruki Murakami

Art, music and mystery abound in the Japanese author’s latest novel

‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney

This Booker Prize–longlisted examination of human nature is simply moving

The Detectives

Inside the hunt for the Black Saturday arsonist – an extract

The resurrection of Morris West

Australia’s biggest-selling author is largely unknown to contemporary readers – but that’s about to change

‘Being Here: The Life of Paula Modersohn-Becker’ by Marie Darrieussecq

Trans. Penny Hueston; Text Publishing; $24.99

‘The Force’ stays with you

Don Winslow’s latest novel transcends the New York cop story clichés

Closeness from a distance

Jock Serong’s ‘On the Java Ridge’ shows us a world our politicians would prefer we didn’t see

A voice of a generation

Briohny Doyle’s ‘Adult Fantasy’ looks at the increasingly blurred definition of adulthood in the 21st century

Lives of leisure

Robert Dessaix’s ‘The Pleasures of Leisure’ is a 21st-century defence of idleness