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Cover of Robert Lukins’ ‘Loveland’


Robert Lukins’ second novel takes a Brisbane woman to Nebraska, where an inheritance sparks a change in character as well as in fortune

Detail of cover of Simon Tedeschi’s ‘Fugitive’

Ghost notes: Simon Tedeschi’s ‘Fugitive’

A virtuoso memoir of music and trauma, and his experiences as a child prodigy, from the acclaimed Australian pianist

Image of Steve Toltz

The quip and the dead: Steve Toltz’s ‘Here Goes Nothing’

A bleakly satirical look at death and the afterlife from the wisecracking author of ‘A Fraction of the Whole’

Image of first edition of Monkey Grip. Image supplied

On the ruthless honesty of ‘Monkey Grip’

Helen Garner’s classic 1977 novel broke the usual social agreement about what can and can’t be said

Detail from cover of Elena Ferrante’s ‘In the Margins’

A writer unfolded: Elena Ferrante’s ‘In the Margins’

In an essay collection, the mysterious author of the Neapolitan novels pursues the “excessive” to counter patriarchal literature’s dominance

Cover image of Mark Lamprell’s ‘The Secret Wife’

Shadowboxing with history: ‘The Secret Wife’

Mark Lamprell’s novel about 1960s housewives takes a whimsical look at social expectations about working women

Image: Detail of a painting by Max Watters. Image courtesy of Nicholas Shakespeare

My small part in the making of ‘The Power of the Dog’

How a conversation about Patrick White led to the making of Jane Campion’s Oscar-nominated film

Cover of ‘Son of Sin’

‘Son of Sin’

Poet Omar Sakr’s debut novel depicts coming of age as a queer Muslim in Western Sydney

Image of Christopher Hitchens in 2003. Image © Kathy deWitt / Alamy

‘Christopher Hitchens: What He Got Right, How He Went Wrong, and Why He Still Matters’ by Ben Burgis

On the question of why Christopher Hitchens still matters, Ben Burgis ultimately has little to say

Image of Lea Ypi

Eastern blocked: Lea Ypi’s ‘Free’

Growing up in Eastern Europe in the ’90s, as the free market’s arrival failed to ‘end history’