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Cover of The Hate Race
Hachette; $32.99
By Brenda Walker
Cover of The Hatred of Poetry
Ben Lerner’s ‘The Hatred of Poetry’ brings together questions of art and politics
By Justin Clemens
Cover of East West Street
Philippe Sands’ ‘East West Street’ mixes memoir, biography and thriller to explain the origins of ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘genocide’
By Martin Krygier
Image of Roald Dahl in his writing hut
The life and legacy of Roald Dahl
By Anwen Crawford
Cover of The Gustav Sonata
Chatto & Windus; $29.99
By Peter Craven
Cover of Barkskins
Fourth Estate; $32.99
By Helen Elliott
Cover of The Art of Time Travel
Tom Griffiths’ ‘The Art of Time Travel’ is a thoughtful look at some of Australia’s most prominent historians
By Barry Hill
Image of Svetlana Alexievich
Nobel Prize–winning journalist Svetlana Alexievich brings together an extraordinarily diverse group of Russian voices
By Anna Goldsworthy
Cover of White Sands
Text Publishing; $32.99
By Stephanie Bishop
Nir Baram’s novel Good People has sold 35,000 copies in Israel, and translation rights have sold in 14 languages. It was nominated by a leading Dutch newspaper as one of the top 50 books of the past five years. Good People is the story of Thomas Heiselberg, a Berliner, and Sasha Weissberg in
Joan London writes luminous novels and short stories that address life’s great concerns. Gilgamesh, The Good Parents and The Golden Age provide rich character studies. Join this award-winning, internationally appreciated writer as she discusses her body of work with Tali Lavi at the Melbourne Jewish
Cover of The Healing Party
Black Inc.; $29.99
By Helen Elliott
Cover of Unnecessary Wars
NewSouth Publishing; $29.99
By Mark McKenna
Scaling the IVF mountain in Julia Leigh’s ‘Avalanche’
By Anna Goldsworthy
Helen Garner and Anne Manne have written on some of the darkest aspects of the human experience: murder, violence against children, and the contemporary culture of narcissism. In conversation with Ramona Koval for La Trobe University’s Ideas and Society program, they discuss why they are drawn to these topics and
Picador; $29.99
By Stephanie Bishop
Bloomsbury; $29.99
By Adrian McKinty
Jonathan Franzen
An interview with Jonathan Franzen
By Richard Cooke