‘The Committed’ by Viet Thanh Nguyen

The philosophical thriller sequel to ‘The Sympathizer’ sends its Vietnamese protagonists to the Paris underworld

A bite worse than her bark: Lauren Oyler’s ‘Fake Accounts’

The American critic’s debut novel captures the experience of living on and through the internet

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Memories of the Malayan Emergency resurface when a mathematician returns to her home country, in the British author’s debut novel

‘Jack’ by Marilynne Robinson

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Shirley Hazzard’s wider world

The celebrated Australian author’s ‘Collected Stories’ sets private desperation in the cosmopolitan Europe she revered

Dividing the Tasman: ‘Empire and the Making of Native Title’

Historian Bain Attwood examines the different approaches to sovereignty in the New Zealand and Australian settlements

Cancel the woke: ‘Cynical Theories’

Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay attack ‘wokeism’ with a reductive account of its theoretical underpinnings

Towards redemption: Sofie Laguna’s ‘Infinite Splendours’

The Miles Franklin–winning author’s latest novel is an invasive, challenging story of child abuse and its repercussions

‘The Living Sea of Waking Dreams’ by Richard Flanagan

The Booker Prize winner’s allegorical new novel about the permanence of loss

Me versus we: ‘The Upswing’

Rebuilding a more egalitarian, altruistic and communitarian society without sacrificing individual liberties