Cover of Conversations with Friends
The protagonists of Sally Rooney’s debut novel privilege irony over emotion
By Helen Elliott
‘A Legacy of Spies’ brings together two of John le Carré’s greatest characters – but why?
By Peter Craven
Cover of Beyond Veiled Clichés
Amal Awad’s book presents Arab women in their own words and in their own right
By Aicha Marhfour
Cover of Home Fire
Bloomsbury; $22.49
By Helen Elliott
Hamish Hamilton; $32.99
By Louise Swinn
Cover of Forest Dark
Bloomsbury; $24.99
By Stephanie Bishop
Image of Samuel Beckett
Beneath the surface comedy of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Watt’ lies a metaphysical quest to know the unknowable
By JM Coetzee
Cover of JM Coetzee’s ‘Late Essays: 2006–2017’
JM Coetzee’s ‘Late Essays: 2006–2017’ shows his deep respect and sympathy for fellow writers
By Barry Hill
Image of Alfred Deakin
Judith Brett’s ‘The Enigmatic Mr Deakin’ is a skilful portrait of Australia’s second prime minister
By Mark McKenna
Image of Alice Springs
Thirty years on, what should we make of Bruce Chatwin’s song to the songlines?
By Richard Cooke
‘Mischka’s War’ is a historian’s honest attempt at preserving both love and objectivity
By Emily Gallagher
Cover of Taboo
With ‘Taboo’, Kim Scott sketches out a new way of accepting our histories, and imagining our future.
By Shannon Burns
Cover of Devil’s Bargain
Joshua Green chronicles Steve Bannon’s rise to prominence – and offers an insight into what he might be capable of now
By Elle Hardy
Cover of Goodbye, Vitamin
Alzheimer’s drives the narrative of Rachel Khong’s ‘Goodbye, Vitamin’ but it isn’t the novel’s focus
By Jessica Au
Australia’s biggest-selling author is largely unknown to contemporary readers – but that’s about to change
By Simon Caterson
Trans. Penny Hueston; Text Publishing; $24.99
By Helen Elliott
Don Winslow’s latest novel transcends the New York cop story clichés
By Elle Hardy
Cover of On the Java Ridge
Jock Serong’s ‘On the Java Ridge’ shows us a world our politicians would prefer we didn’t see
By Elle Hardy