Book review

Lena Dunham’s ‘Not That Kind of Girl’
By Anna Goldsworthy
Frank Moorhouse’s ‘Australia Under Surveillance’ and David Horner’s ‘The Spy Catchers: The official history of ASIO, 1949–1963’
By David McKnight
Naomi Klein’s ‘This Changes Everything’
By Robert Manne
Bloomsbury; $29.99
By Kevin Rabalais
Virago Press; $29.99
By Gretchen Shirm
Vintage Australia; $32.99
By Brenda Walker
Hamish Hamilton; $32.99
By Guy Rundle
Black Inc.; $34.99
By Michael Cooney
The last of the Panamanian golden frogs are to be found in a “frog hotel” in El Valle de Anton. Photo: Brian Gratwicke
Andrew Glikson’s ‘Evolution of the Atmosphere’, Elizabeth Kolbert’s ‘The Sixth Extinction’, Errol Fuller’s ‘Lost Animals’ and Clifford Frith’s ‘The Woodhen’
By Tim Flannery
Jonathan Cape; $32.95
By Michael Lucy
By Louis Nowra
A surprising number of Australians don’t realise that the Torres Strait Islands are part of Australia. There are almost 300 of them stretching north of Cape York. Their administration is centred on Thursday Island, or TI as it is known. It...
By Peter Pierce
An early book in Margaret Atwood’s prolific and acclaimed career was a guide to Canadian literature called Survival. Implicitly, that notion informs the post-apocalyptic trilogy of novels that concludes with MaddAddam. In this last book, it is...
By Geordie Williamson
‘The Return to Nazareth from Egypt’ (1734), Francesco Conti
JM Coetzee’s ‘The Childhood of Jesus’
By Craig Sherborne