Australian Politics

Rupert Murdoch, 2012 © Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters
The political empire of the News Corp chairman
By Robert Manne
The prime minister is sorry about everything
By Don Watson
By The Monthly
By John van Tiggelen
They say democracy is a serious matter. I wouldn’t know; I’ve never voted.* As a non-citizen for many years, I couldn’t here, and Dutch democracy – with its multi-party governments, supported and criticised by a vigorously...
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This is serious
By Waleed Aly
By Michaela McGuire
On Wednesday night a freshly deposed prime minister offered more insight into the problems that plagued her term in office than 3 years of opinion pieces and editorials combined. “The reaction to being the first female prime minister does not...
By Michaela McGuire
By Mungo MacCallum
It says something about the nature of modern Australian politics that when the Labor veteran Martin Ferguson announced his imminent retirement, his own leader Julia Gillard was clearly less upset than was Liberal leader Tony Abbott. And in fact...
By Mungo MacCallum
As if this election wasn’t mad enough already, both sides have decided to break the cardinal rule of Australian poll politics: No New Taxes. In fact, not only have both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott declined to make this core promise: each...