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Picking up the pieces

Anthony Albanese wants to be a Labor leader, not an Opposition leader

How good is Queensland?

Voices from the state that has turned against Labor as a party of federal government

Revolutions past

Labor and the Liberals have abandoned their old ideological contests as they battle to define the values of the new middle class

Howard’s Heir: On Scott Morrison and his suburban aspirations

How the PM’s ‘Quiet Australians’ echoes Howard’s battlers and Menzies’ ‘Forgotten People’

Mark Latham: The outsider

How did a man with such right-wing beliefs become Labor Party leader, and what is he cooking up now?

Dead generations

The major parties need ideas for today, not nostalgia for yesterday

The myths of leadership

Abbott's warning to colleagues is not backed by history

Inglorious bastards

Tony Abbott determined not to repeat Gough Whitlam’s mistakes in Queensland

A bitter pill

The government alienates doctors and patients over $20 GP fee