Australian Politics

The major parties need ideas for today, not nostalgia for yesterday
By Nick Dyrenfurth
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The government's assault on citizenship
By Alex Reilly
Road freight is expensive, dirty and dangerous. Why are our governments addicted to it?
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A figment of the Right's imagination
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The politics of Clive Palmer
By Guy Rundle
Tony Abbott's political suicide
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Tony Abbott at the G20 leaders' retreat
By Russell Marks
By Michaela McGuire
An excursion into George Brandis’s Brave New World of metadata capture and storage
By Tony Wilson
Tanya Plibersek plays it cool
By John van Tiggelen
Gary Quinlan and Julie Bishop have done Australia proud at the UN Security Council
By Nick Bryant
As captain of Team Australia, Tony Abbott has plunged us into war without debate
By Judith Brett