Asylum seekers

Asylum seekers LATEST

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Asylum seekers

Refuge for queer asylum seekers

The community groups helping asylum seekers who have fled persecution based on sexuality or gender identity

Image of Abdul Karim Hekmat. Photograph © Sam Biddle

Asylum seekers

Australia needs to hear asylum seekers’ stories, in our own words

Our presence has preoccupied the nation, but our stories have been excluded from the national narrative

Image of Sister Brigid Arthur

Asylum seekers

Sister acts

The life and times of activist Sister Brigid Arthur

Asylum seekers

Dreaming of Biloela

Tharnicaa Murugappan versus 30 years of policy

Image of Susan and her children, Ballarat, 2021

Australian purgatory

The permanent damage of temporary protection

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Land of the free

A group of Australian expats is helping Nauru and Manus refugees start new lives in the US


On the beaches

Luke Cornish’s Border Force mural at Bondi Beach comes under attack

All at Sea

A People-smuggling Trial