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Life Is Strange
Is the new diversity in video-game characterisation liberating or appropriating?
Image of Pichet Klunchun’s Dancing with Death
The Asia TOPA festival is unique for its focus on contemporary Asian culture
The Sydney Opera House lit up during the Vivid Sydney festival, May 2014
How the Abbott government is funding a high-culture war
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Wim Delvoye at MONA
Fashion icon Akira Isogawa. Image courtesy of Akira Isogawa
Akira Isogawa
On one night, the worst one, and the last one before Katie ran away, there were eighteen of those calls. They were not all the same. If our mother answered, there would be heavy breathing and silence. “Why are you doing this?” our mother would ask...
The radiance before the disaster. The indomitable St Petersburgers.
Founded by Peter the Great in 1703 as a “window to the West”, St Petersburg quickly became, according to Alexander Pushkin, “the jewel of the North”. Fyodor Dostoyevsky would later call it “that most abstract and intentional of cities”. By the early...
To understand the place you must first understand the Bundaberg Bear
I watch the Melbourne of my imagination disappear under low clouds. Urbane Melbourne, where conversation matters, where people take an interest in what is going on and have a pride in the culture they inherited and are adding to. It is a place...
One Tuesday morning in August last year, Lauren Curnow, a 17-year-old student at Ballarat Secondary College, told her parents that she felt sick and wanted to stay home from school. Her mother assumed Lauren had a cold. But at about four in the...