Image of Frances Bender
Tasmanian salmon, from farm to court
By Claire Konkes
Meet Australia’s creatures of the deep
By Nicole Gill
A ten-day camel trek through the South Australian outback. With your parents.
By Robert Skinner
The thylacine is thought be extinct. Might it still be found in mainland Australia?
By Anthony Ham
The grey-headed flying fox faces a perilous nightly journey
By Arnold Zable
Under-the-sea society is much more complex than we imagine
By James Bradley
Farmers on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula are preparing for a plague
By Michael Dulaney
Leonie the leopard shark’s switch to asexual reproduction is a world first
By Ashley Hay
A cat-detection team is doing important work on Dirk Hartog Island
By Nicole Gill
What eels do when we're not watching
By James Bradley
A day at Christmas Island’s Lizard Lodge
By Nicole Gill
Julia at Melbourne Zoo in 2011.
The strange life and tragic death of Julia the gorilla
By Anna Krien
Wild deer are heading for the suburbs
By Paul Connolly
The many talents of a much-maligned rodent
By Anne Manne
The BARK program at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre sees prisoners taking care of dogs
By Andrew McMillen
The Adelaide Zoo has a chequered past
By Anna Goldsworthy
Caged rats awaiting their fate. © Francesca Yorke/Getty Images
Reflections on the breeding house
By Gail Bell
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
The secret lives of ants
By Robert Drewe