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Tanya Plibersek plays it cool
By John van Tiggelen
Victorian Labor leader Daniel Andrews keeps his head down
By John van Tiggelen
Bill Shorten and Tony Abbott at the opening of parliament, November 2013. © Gary Ramage / Newspix  
The distance between us and our rulers is getting bigger
By Richard Cooke
The ALP, the Libs, the Greens, the split
By Amanda Lohrey
Sam Dastyari (L) and federal minister Anthony Albanese at the ALP National Conference in Sydney, 2011 © Dean Lewin / AAP
Is the general of NSW Labor serious about reform?
By Nick Bryant
By Mungo MacCallum
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Forty years since ‘It’s Time’
By Michael Gurr
Bill Shorten, Beaconsfield, 2006. © Wayne Taylor / Fairfax Syndication
Bill Shorten
By John van Tiggelen
The Greens party room, December 2011. © Australian Greens
Divided We Fall
By Sally Neighbour
By Kathy Marks
It’s 72 hours since the polls closed in the oddest Australian federal election this side of world war and scores of beautiful young things are gathered in a loft-style apartment in one of the hippest enclaves of Sydney’s inner-city Surry Hills. The wine is flowing, the music is pumping and the mood among guests
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Julia Baird
By Paul Barry
When it comes to Brian Burke, I can’t get past that panama hat. What sort of person wears headgear like that to face corruption charges? Surely only someone who has tickets on himself, who thinks he’s special and who wants to show he doesn’t care how the world judges him. But, of course, Western Australia’s most
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz