Aboriginal people

Race, recognition and a more complete Commonwealth
By Noel Pearson
Umeewarra Mission
In Port Augusta, an Israeli linguist is helping the Barngarla people reclaim their language
By Anna Goldsworthy
The Shadow King reimagines Shakespeare's tragedy
By Christine Kenneally
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
A Bidjara man in Oxford
By Jo Lennan
Roy Henry Tipiloura votes in Arnhem Land. © Glenn Campbell/Fairfax Syndication
How the Aboriginal vote won the NT election
By Marcia Langton
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Robyn Davidson
JB East's 1834 portrait of Billy Blue. Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW.
The Story of Billy Blue
By Cassandra Pybus
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
Australian Government poster - "Australia: land of Tomorrow", by Joe Greenberg, 21 September 1949, National Archives of Australia
The official history
By John Hirst
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Christopher Scanlon
Inside Palm Island’s heart of darkness
By Chloe Hooper
All I really knew about Palm Island were the headlines I’d been reading: “Tropic of Despair”, “Island of Sorrow”. On 19 November 2004, a drunk Aboriginal man had been arrested for swearing at police. Less than an hour later he died with injuries...
Tim Flannery's wake-up call to the planet
By E.M. Holdsworth
I love going down the freeway in Shanghai and looking up at the apartment buildings … There’s an airconditioner in every residential window, which is fantastic.—Chip Goodyear, August 2005We create CO2 every time we drive a car, cook a meal or turn...
By Kate Grenville
To an Australian growing up in the sixties, the invention of the stump-jump plough could have seemed our greatest achievement. We were told of the explorers, dogged and dying in search of their inland sea, the convicts, the gold rushes. But unlike...
By Anna Clark
On April 22, Terrence Laurence Dann won a joke-telling contest at the Spinifex Hotel in Derby, Western Australia. He collected the $100 prize for his joke then went home and assaulted his de facto partner. While she lay injured, he drove her two...