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Freedom press

A Greens bill could spark a useful debate

Not-so-hard Labor

Albanese has every reason to keep doing what he’s doing

Duty free

On robodebt, the Morrison government is defending the indefensible

Australian carnage

The Coalition killed Holden six years ago

Scott free

The rorting revelations continue, but who will be held properly accountable?

One Nation’s gyrations

Pauline Hanson’s backflips underline the point of having major parties

The opening gap

Without his colleagues behind him, Ken Wyatt can only do so much

Where’s the integrity?

Despite the scandals, a corruption watchdog remains elusive

LNP circus

The Queensland tail is wagging the Coalition dog


The Morrison government is not even pretending to be accountable

River dance

The Murray–Darling Basin Plan remains on life support

Headwind spin

Almost all the news in MYEFO is bad

Too far left?

Corbyn Labour gets smashed in the UK

Tax take, and take

Big companies, especially multinationals, are still not paying their share

Not that Kean

The Coalition has a woeful track record on climate and energy, and NSW is the worst

Surplus mania

Frustration with the government’s do-nothing economic agenda is growing