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Holgate strikes back

Scott Morrison humiliated the wrong woman

The cost of delay

Delays, as we have sadly learnt, can mean the difference between life and death

Vaccine rollout a (p)fizzer

The government came with good news, but the rollout remains a shambles

Trust fall

Supply issues aren’t the only thing hampering the vaccine rollout

He said, EU said

Strap in for a game of semantics with Scott Morrison

Head in the sand

The federal government keeps pretending nothing is wrong

April fools

Why did the government miss its vaccination target by so much?

The first ‘scalp’

How is it that only one MP has fallen?

The woman problem

The Coalition’s women don’t appear up to the task of fixing sexism in government

Trading places

Scott Morrison announces his women-focused cabinet reshuffle

Stick to the plan?

The Morrison government’s plans are falling apart

‘Above politics’

Getting your glass house in order

A swing and a miss

Scott Morrison’s marketing instincts are failing him

Silent no more

The attorney-general sues for silence on the same day women break theirs.

‘Relevant discussions’

What kind of discussions might James Hooke have had with Christian Porter?

Flight risk

The government’s new airfare subsidy may be yet another ticket to scandal