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Dutton concedes nothing

The home affairs minister will not be held to account

“That, folks, is legacy”

Australia says farewell to a much-loved leader

Adani approved

Australia’s governments can’t cope with climate change

No quick fix

The review of media and whistleblower protections should not be rushed

Fight to know

The media must not simply protect itself

Minister for Hot Air

Angus Taylor’s handling of the latest emissions data is a lesson in spin

Cop it sweet?

It’s time for a rollback of draconian national security laws

Crashing to earth

This is not what the third week of a newly elected government should feel like

Free press assault

This Liberal government is shockingly illiberal

Albanese’s shadow ministry

Labor faces an odd policy challenge: to have fewer policies

A bland finale

The election campaign is all over bar the shouting

Don’t look back

The era of Keating and Howard is done

Running on empty

The PM’s one big policy announcement is a dud

Bowen’s bacon

Focusing on the bottom 96 per cent of taxpayers is smart politics

Climate for change

It’s all happening very quickly

Bill Shorten fires up

The Daily Telegraph makes the mother of all mistakes