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Pub test: 2018

The only way is up

Broad-minded … not

Bookending the year with scandals, the Nationals are moribund

Tinker Taylor

The federal Coalition is avoiding the main issue on energy

Labor on notice

The party conference was a love-in today, but will the peace hold?

From little things ...

Labor confronts an enormous historical opportunity

Religious unfreedom

Discrimination is in the eye of the beholder

Integrity on ice

Experts fear the PM’s new anti-corruption agency will be a toothless tiger

Population populism

Politicians want to have their immigration cake and eat it too

Learner, not learning

Australia’s “L-plate” environment minister goes to Poland

Hard landing looms

A political reckoning may accompany an economic one


This week’s parliamentary shenanigans resolved nothing

A game of chicken

Parliament ends 2018 with a cry for help

The PM’s bad faith

Would you buy a used bill from this man?

A littler energy stick

Forget fake news, this is fake policy

Ex-PMs never die

It seems both Turnbull and Abbott want Morrison to fail

Kids teach the grown-ups

Today’s #climatestrike has shown up our politicians